Storm Restoration

Hail damage can be destructive to a home and not only the roof. If you suspect after the last storm that you have hail damage in New Braunfels, TX then call Wolfman Roofing & Siding. We help property owners assess the damage to their property from hail damage in New Braunfels TX. Spring and fall storms can wreak havoc on your property and a free inspection allows you to have a professional that understands and can identify the damage, assess it, and properly relay that information to your insurance adjuster.

Roof Damage New Braunfels, TX

If the last storm seemed like it was strong enough to cause damage setup a free estimate today. Our insured team of professionals will visually inspect your property and provide recommendations for repairs, replacements, or efficiency upgrades. If your property does have damage that is covered by your insurance carrier we will work with your adjuster throughout the claims process to identify coverage repairs and remedies.

Wolfman Roofing & Siding  is a full service contractor that helps with Hail Damage in New Braunfels, TX. Our storm restoration division is part of Wolfman Contracting Inc. that offers professional service for Chimneys, Wildlife Removal, Siding, Gutters and Storm Restoration. Visit us in person or schedule an on-site free estimate.

We Offer Free Inspections

Howl at "The Wolfman!" Wolfman Roofing & Siding works with all insurance companies to help during the claims process. If you suspect that you might need a new roof or to file a claim let the pros at Wolfman Roofing & Siding guide you through the process.