Chimney Caps

What is a Chimney Cap? A chimney cap is a proper rain hood custom fabricated for your chimney. A chimney cap is made of 24 gage colored powder coated steel, stainless steel, galvalume, or copper.. A proper chimney cap should keep the chimney fire safe, prevent water leakage, exclude all wildlife, and most importantly add to the aesthetic value of the home. All our Chimney caps come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Advantages & Use Chimney Caps are important for more than just looks. A professionally installed chimney cap from Wolfman Chimney and Wildlife can help ensure functionality, longevity and uninvited guest.

1. An uncapped, or improperly capped chimney will typically have debris accumulation which is a fire hazard.

2. A properly capped chimney can eliminate water and moisture entry which prevents deterioration. This keeps the chimney fire safe.

3. Downdrafts are a common complaint from homeowners without chimney caps and can cause excessive heating cost, and causes a backdraft of smoke into the house during a fireplace fire.

4. Animals are drawn to the shelter and warmth of your chimney. Keep them out, prevent damage, and access into the house by installing a proper chimney cap.


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